Ristorante Il Gusto

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Fried scallops in a cream of cauliflower and forest fruits

Couscous from Trapani with gambas, almonds and orange-balsamic vinegar

Vitello tonnato; thin slices of cold veal meat, served with Tonnata sauce, capers, cherry tomatoes and arugula

Beef carpaccio with arugula, Parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar

Buffalo mozzarella, filled with tomatoes, mint and lemon zest


Spaghetti with clams, pistachio nuts, garlic, tomatoes and spicy pepper (can also be ordered with wholemeal pasta)

Tortelloni stuffed with beef, in a truffle sauce with porcini mushrooms and bacon

Tagliolini served with a half lobster, scented with lemon and mint

Tortelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach, with a butter and sage sauce

Seafood & Fish

Fishsoup ‘Gallipolina’ with lobster (half)

Crispy cod with potato and lemon puree, with mint, tomatoes and olives

Octopus stew with potato, olives, chickpeas, tomatoes and spicy peppers


Rack of lamb, with aromatic herbs in a Barolo sauce

Beef tenderloin with porcini mushrooms in garlic, olive oil and spicy pepper

Veal ribeye from the grill with cannellini beans

Side dishes

Bread basket of homemade bread

Oven-baked patatoes/french fries

Grilled vegetables


Traditional tiramisú

Cannolo Siciliano, stuffed with ricotta cheese and chocolate

Spuma made with mascarpone, coffee, amaretto and vanilla ice cream

Zabaione cream with fresh fruit and hazelnut ice cream